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  • Graphic Designer in multiple software

  • CAD Designer in multiple software

  • Plasmacam Machine CAD Operator

  • Forklift ticket

  • Mig & Tig Welder

  • Hand & machine sheet Metal shaping

  • Bead rolling & embossing

  • Electrical lighting wiring

  • Visionary

Georgia's Fabrication History

Georgia has always had a keen interest in Art & Computing from a very young age, even when the family got the first ever Apple Macintosh. Throughout her childhood she also has had an extremely vivid imagination. Together the 2 go hand in hand with today's latest technologies. CAD designing for Jewellery design was the first major accomplishment at the age of 25 when she designed and produced over 200 pieces from scratch to fit out her second jewellery store in Broome. 

Later down the track in 2015 she started Broome Plasma Cutting that used a CNC Plasma cutting machine and featured Plasma cut large scale steel designs for commercial and residential properties in the Broome area. She also harnessed her skills of welding, sheet metal shaping, bead rolling, & further CAD related and illustration software design.

This was very successful and also allowed her to focus on sculpture and lamp/lighting design which always interested her.

Now more that ever Georgia is keen to explore light & shadow inspired creations with pearl shells, Dichroic glass and other speciality lighting & art concepts.

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